Coaching / Programming

WADE Strength Systems (WSS) is proud to offer you the convenience of online coaching with options for In-person training sessions.  With online coaching you have all the benefits of an in-person coach available to your finger tips 24/7. WSS will give you the tools you need to have the confidence to walk into any gym in the world and execute your workout quickly and safely.

With online coaching you can take control of your schedule. There is no need to make special arrangements just to make your next personal training session or workout when it is convenient for you. Packages include online, in-person, and hybrid programming in addition to powerlifting meet prep and day of meet handling.  

A. Online Coaching :  $75 per month

B. Online Coaching w/ One In-person sessions:  $100 per month

C. Online Coaching w/ Two In-person sessions:  $125 per month

D. Online Coaching w/ Four In-person sessions:  $175 per month

E. Online Coaching with 2-3 In-person sessions:  $225 per month

F. Meet Handling $50